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Every Saturday From May 13th Until 

Under The Elm St. Pavilion
(Between Bleeker and Spring Streets)

Hours of Operation: 
8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Live Music Schedule


Karen's Produce Inc.

Agri-business.  Home grown vegetables, fruits. We offer a variety of homemade items on premises as well such as donuts and fudge.  While visiting our 100 acre farm you can enjoy ice cream, fresh cut fries, burgers and more.  We are conviently located by the Schoharie Crossing boat launch and bike path.


Philia Farm

Johnstown, NY

Philia farm is an organic vegetable and garlic operation based in Johnstown, NY. 

Wemple & Edick's / Grammascookies4you

Fonda, NY

Homemade ice cream and cookies, all natural energy bars, and confections; recipes come from Christine's grandmother who had a general store in Central Bridge NY during the 1930’s and 1940’s - “old fashioned” hearty cookies that remind you of your childhood .

Daniel Bush

Amsterdam, NY

Fresh, locally grown blueberries, when in season.  Pure honey.

Higher Ground Distilling Company

Micro distillery located in Mayfield, New York. We create  Bourbon,Whiskey and Moonshine  made from grains from local New York farms.


Gray’s Garden & Greenhouse
(Starting In Early July)

Oppenheim, NY 

Seasonal vegetables and fruits supplemented by high tunnel vegetables.

Milburt Farms

Galway, NY

Bedding plants, flowers, cut flowers, mums, herbs and perennials.


Natural Bridge Farm

Amsterdam, NY

Bedding and vegetable plants, beautiful hanging baskets, assorted 4 1/2" pots, combination pots, and geraniums

Well Spring Maith Earrach Farm

Charlton, NY

A family farm where the hormone and antibiotic-free poultry are hand raised on a diet of grains and greens. Our cage-free, free range chickens and ducks play daily in a large field and many can answer to their names. The eggs from our laying hens are collected several times a day. Our Roasting Birds enjoy the pasture and fresh clover which provides a farm fresh taste not found at the supermarket. Our pigs frolic and play ball in their pen and bask in the sun. Teaching sustainable farming for the next generation while providing superior quality foods is our goal.

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